March 1, 2014

Game Over.

It's finally over. I didn't think we would get to see this feat during my lifetime. reports that a team of Japanese scientists analyzing a martian meteorite have strong evidence that pro-biotic life once existed on our next door neighbor, Mars.Yamato 000593 shows evidence of water movement and pro-biotic activity as the result of lava flows. At least in my mind the argument is over. There is still the possibility that the evidence was created by organisms on earth, but that chance is unlikely- according to scientists. It is proof- but not definitive enough to having ETs in front of our eyes.

The chance of ETs in our universe is huge- given the astronomical unliklihood that we exist- times trillions on top of trillions of scenarios- it is very improbable, indeed that Earth is alone along the context of life. Evidence that ETs once existed at some point is phenomenal, and raises many questions about who we are as a species, what we believe and what our ultimate goals are. For the time being I believe mankind will continue to thirst for hunger and power- as it is a truly immature species.

This isn't a 'coming out'. I've been a non-believer for around five years now and this further nails the coffin on the issue of religion. There I said it. That wasn't in violation of my rules as we are not discussing the content of religion. People can believe what they want, but there is no explanation in bronze age texts on how ET life exists, or once existed- outside of our planet. I hereby request creationist museums to demolish their buildings and make room for more productive businesses/homes.

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