August 23, 2011

1/100 [MG] Zeta plus C1 Inner Frame painted

Zeta's inner frame has been painted. Tomorrow is the big job: Outside armor. I used the outside armor's color for the primer on the interior frame... but I like that color on the interior frame, and it seems too dark for the armor. I either need to find a lighter gray, OR try that enamel steel color... aircraft steel sleek. It will definitely be a unique paint job.
My airbrush did gunk up a little bit- at times it would not spray out paint, and sometimes it would spurt. I always tried the spurts on newspaper so that it did not spit onto my model. This is indicative of a dirty airbrush. I thinned my paint a little more and it helped- but the paint was still building up. Cleaned the airbrush and had little problems after that. 
Paints used were Tamiya Acrylics and Model Master (Testors) Acrylics. I like the testors acrylics better- however the tamiya deep blue looks excellent. Applies very nice, like their enamel counterparts. I choose tamiya for off or weird colors that are not "earthy".Acrylics are also nice because cleanup is easy- dilute with water. Warning: this may not get the needle clean.

Again, I'll say this for the record. I will never paint without an airbrush again. The results blow me away.

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