January 15, 2014

FCC Needs to Get Its Ass In Gear

Recently, a federal court ruled that the FCC could not regulate ISPs because ISPs were in a certain group, which the FCC created, which we will call 'group B'. The FCC can continue to enforce net neutrality if they move ISPs over to 'group A'. The ruling dictated that, so long as ISPs are in 'group B', they cannot be regulated under net neutrality.

Net Neutrality aims to eliminate ISP discrimination against internet traffic, making the net freer and more open. That may all be about to change.

In order to properly fix the problem, the FCC needs Congressional permission to move ISPs to 'group A'. A major problem is that ISPs have bought and paid many lawmakers in Washington so that the FCC cannot do what it needs to do. Another problem Congress has, with its 6% approval rating is that it's too busy with its thumb up its collective ass. We are in this problem because the previous FCC chair refused to do the right thing and move the ISPs over in 2010 when he had the chance.

ISPs such as Verizon claim they are dedicated to an open internet. This is a company that has cooperated with the National Security Agency and has actively helped the US government violate the rights of American citizens through project PRISM. I trust them 'slightly more' than the US government, but I do not trust either of them period.

If left undone, the death of net neutrality means that ISPs can charge for 'premium' access and throttle internet speeds to websites they effectively want to censor. Action needs to be taken immediately before creativity and innovation is stifled: because once ISPs assume full control, if you want a new idea on the internet- you have to go through the ISP overlords to get it out there- and... you need to be in their pockets.

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