July 11, 2013

Ulduar Project Part 2: Razorscale

When Ignis derps, his minions die when the boss dies. The next boss player's turn, Razorscale enters the fray. This fight was designed to rough the raiders up for XT, and if novice mistakes are made Razorscale will kill the raiders. The fight mechanics to this boss in the video game seem simple, but a few inherent rules must exist to make this work.

"Razorscale has "When Razorscale is dealt harpoon damage (not by the following roll of a die) put a harpoon token on Razorscale.  At the start of the boss player's turn, roll a die. If it rolls 4 or 6, Razorscale is brought down from an automatic harpoon blast and can be dealt damage by means other than a harpoon. When the boss player's turn begins again, Razorscale ascends and becomes invulnerable to damage not from harpoons. When Razorscale has 6 harpoon tokens, transition immediately to phase 2.""

In the raid you had to get the harpoons repaired and use them to bring Razorscale down to damage it. Here, at the start of each boss player's turn a harpoon appears. It takes 6 harpoon strikes to bring Razorscale down. It will cost 5 resources to use a harpoon. Because in the online game you could actually chain her down to earth before phase 2, I introduced a mechanic so that there is a 33% chance a spear and chain from somewhere unexplained will pull it down. You can then damage it in phase 1. It is theoretically possible, however unlikely that Razorscale can be killed before the transition into phase 2.

Turn 1: Devouring Flame

We start this dish with 7 fire damage to a random raiding hero. Blood Elfs with Silvermoon City out: better pick fire resistance for this fight. Unless specified otherwise, abilities activated by the boss can be chained. Things go easy during the buildup phase as damage from Ignis should have been healed by now.

Turn 2: Fireball

On turn 2 razorscale will fling a 5 dmg fireball at a random raiding hero along with a nasty DOT token. This DOT token can be taken care of like a normal ability. It should be dealt with or healed off because of a modifier in phase 2 making it worse. The DOT deals 4 fire dmg per boss turn.

Turn 3: Add Spawn
Lovely! adds. Dark Runic Warriors enter play with a destroy random ally as a power. This will help out the boss to clean house- as the field is going to get busy by this point. If the raiders were quick to get Razorscale down she will enter phase 2 and become damageable from the ground.

Turn 4: Flame Breath
Razorscale won't play nice anymore. Every raiding character will be dealt 3 fire dmg. Then, a random raiding ability, ally or equipment goes bye-bye. If everybody derps and gets to turn 5... come on people....

Turn 5: Add Spawn
A repeat of turn 3 for turn 5 and each following turn. Have fun with that.

Phase 2

We need to discuss a few inherent qualities before we begin. These items of analysis merely spawn adds at the beginning of the fight.

"When Razorscale enters phase 2, put two [2/3] Protectors into play with "When this ally defends, destroy target random ally", and a [3/4] attacker with "When this ally attacks, destroy 2 random abilities or equipment"."

Turn 1- Fuse Armor
Razorscale gets a NASTY damage buff. If it would deal fire damage, +3 is dealt instead. Hope you took care of that DOT.

Turn 2- Wing Buffet
Here is an annoying power for the raiders. Opposing raiding exhausted cards cannot ready during their next owner's turn. I hope you hung onto something solid and didn't get knocked off the Storm Peaks.

Turn 3- Hardened Armor

If Razorscale would be dealt damage, prevent 2 of it. Per packet.

Turn 4- Devouring Flame
Razorscale deals 7 fire damage to all raiding heroes. Destroy opposing target random random ability, ally or equipment. Now we aren't playing nice. Better kill the dragon before we derp. The random pop of an ability, ally or equipment helps create a sense of urgency if it isn't already there.

Turn 5- Add lockdown
Hey that's ok. If you want to take your time, let these adds lock down your field.

Put two [2/3] Protectors into play with "When this ally defends, destroy target random ally", and a [3/4] attacker with "When this ally attacks, destroy 2 random abilities or equipment".
If you have a competent healer and everyone deals a respectable amount of DPS, Razorscale is do-able. I have tested it in simulation and I like where it is at. For lazy peon decks, they defeated Razorscale with on average 66% of their health remaining. XT is NOT going to be fun. Or will it? It's still in alpha.

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