July 11, 2013

Ulduar Project Part 1: Ignis the Furnace Master

Ulduar has certainly been a challenge. In wanting to design a homebrew raid, I picked Ulduar because of its length, it's peculiar aspects and because it was frequently requested to Cryptozoic and Upper Deck Entertainment. So I'm doing it.

Replicating the exact fight from the MMO will be a bit difficult; as it involves kiting adds into a falling lava stream and then chilling them to weaken the boss. I wanted a straight up tank and spank for Ignis, but he will spawn adds around Turn 4. Ignis has 4ATK and 14 health. Before I divulge too much, let's start with how the experience goes each turn:

Turn 1
The players go first. When it is the bosses first turn, he activates Scorch. This will hit all raiding characters for one fire damage, taking care of any 1 drops with 1 health. Because this deck is automated, the boss will then attack a random raiding hero.

Turn 2
Flame Jets kicks in, if any raiding character is exhausted, Ignis deals 4 fire damage to it. If damage was dealt to a player's character that way, he cannot play abilities his next turn. This was to replicate being smacked into the air.

Turn 3
Turn 3 gets interesting. This turn the slag pot is introduced- and someone gets dunked in it for 10 fire damage (random raiding hero). If they survive, which they should- they gain a power that lets them pay two less to play cards until Ignis is destroyed.

Turn 4
Turn 4 is where constructs come in. They have protector and ferocity. They won't attack because automated protectors will remain ready. They have 4 ATK and 4 HEALTH, and they must be dealt with or turn 5's power will keep triggering.

Turn 5+
Strength of the Creator will give Ignis Assault 7 (in addition to his ATTACK VALUE) if more than 0 constructs are in play. This power will continue to stack until raiders defeat Ignis.

Unless you are really dumb about playing this raid, raiders should be able to kill Ignis. He will hurt you though if you don't begin taking care of him soon. When he dies, Razorscale comes into play on the boss player's next turn. Razorscale's events then trigger, and that will be our next fight. I have Ignis where I want him, and I'm happy with him.

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