June 30, 2013

Does the LoL Kid Deserve 8 Years In Prison?

So here’s my piece on this… I’ve been active in watching the systematic destruction of our Constitutional republic; and it’s always interesting when two paths I follow intersect- in this case video games and defending the Constitution. Initially I was told that some kid made a terroristic threat and was being held in jail. So I said whatever… didn’t know a thing until I watched AlphaOmegaSin’s coverage on it and got the full scope of the story.
Some kid was playing league of legends and made a sarcastic remark about killing a bunch of people and eating their beating hearts; to which he said “lol jk” which means “laughing out loud, just kidding” in internet lingo. 

As a gamer- this shit happens all the time- people have said worse shit during call of duty matches I’ve seen online. I’m very concerned for this individual who was arrested, for a couple of reasons. Number one- someone took a sarcastic remark and then traced his IP or something back to his address then reported him. Second, the police think that they actually stopped a terroristic threat. Third, this man threatened no one. Fourth- I guarantee you my father is going to think justice is done and that the government is our saviors. 

So this kid… whatever his name is… is getting sentenced to 8 years in prison for making his statement. This is a clear violation of his 8th amendment rights- the punishment does not fit, and exceeds- the “alleged crime”. This broad, sweeping statement that he made probably wasn’t the smartest one, but he made no threats or terroristic threats towards anyone. To a degree- one could say that his 1st Amendment rights have also been violated. 

The police think they stopped a terrorist, and the day is won. Well, not quite. You see- there is a war going on right now in Chicago where gangs are killing each other in the streets. Just today, at my local gun shop a guy sarcastically told me “if I want my rights I gotta be one of them gang bangers”. Should I have taken him seriously and reported him to the police? No. It’s a waste of resources. He didn’t mean what he said. He said what he said to prove a point. There are gangs ruling our government and our cities, not to mention active, home grown terrorists plotting to do some serious shit. And the police want to celebrate for apprehending a sarcastic kid on the internet? How about instead of wasting your time against empty and fake threats, you actually send in the national guard to the Southwest side and restore order to one of the nation’s strictest cities using gun control to make people victims.

Let’s not forget where the big criminals are- in the big house. Every one of them. I’ll be brief on this note, but politicians are systematically destroying our bill of rights. The 1st, the 2nd, for Christ’s sake even the 3rd, the 4th, the 8th, the 14th- and the American people are letting this pass. They are letting it pass because they either don’t care or they are afraid. Afraid that if they speak up that they will be seen as an enemy to our nation. An enemy to society. Our current president didn’t institute the “change” he promised- he made our nation a bigger police state complete with electronic monitoring and assassinations of US Citizens without trial.

I’ve said it a dozen times- there is no scientific correlation between violent video games and violent people. The violent people playing video games were violent to begin with. These studies are old, and we just wasted more taxpayer dollars sent to the CDC recently only to, surprise, figure the same thing out all over again. The fact of the matter is this. The large baboons in Washington are too big for their breeches and have become so insane, corrupt and anti-American that they are taking people’s rights away, making an example of them, then they are encouraging fear into the hearts of the rest of the Americans by using the media as sock puppets. With PRISM and all this surveillance going on, you really think shouting those kinds of things at your Xbox One is a fantastic idea? See you at the local prison, I suppose. And that, by the way was a just kidding. The local prison thing, not the Xbone monitoring you and allowing the NSA backdoor access.
What’s happening here isn’t safety. It’s fucking tyranny.

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