May 16, 2013

Disc Locked Content Trending Among Some Gaming Companies

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 It’s a trending trend in the gaming industry- half assed games are released and loving fans feel forced to buy it. But where this bullshit gets real penisy is when we talk about disc locked content. 4A Games has jumped the bandwagon by offering their game metro: last light as a castrated game, then asking $5 extra so that “you can play the game as it was meant to be played”.

I think they have their priorities backwards here. When I shell out $60 for a new game, I expect to play it the way it was meant to be played, not a broken down piece of shit. When I pay for a physical medium or even the download, I expect to be able to access and play 100% of that content.

I make the same argument for day 1 DLC: to get out of the argument that companies are pushing disc locked content, they will remove content from the game and offer it as day 1 DLC. Greed has taken over gaming companies such as Electronic Arts, Capcom and 4A Games. Instead of doing their best on a title and asking for the industry standard which is $60, they actually remove content from the game and later offer it (usually right after launch) as day 1 DLC.

Penisy companies like Capcom and 4A Games have disc locked content. Content on the disc, which you PAID FOR, that is locked unless you give them more money. It is the ultimate nickel and dime scheme when it comes to video games. I urge you not to support that bullshit by buying their games. Not only do I have ethical concerns over what they are doing as a business, more importantly I feel FUCKED as a consumer, and I’m not taking it in the ass from them.

I will now no longer consider products from 4A Games or Deep Silver. I don’t know who had a hand in it and I don’t care- both of their thumbprints are on this. I’ve been gaming for about 21 years now. Stop letting these assholes fuck us in the ass and tell them that these practices are unacceptable by taking your money elsewhere.

Fuck Capcom, and Fuck Street Fighter x Tekken. via Genki

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