March 16, 2013

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Progress (2)

Put up some parts to be painted later today. I shaded then primed them. Messed up on one of the wing attachments- gonna go back and cover it again with the next wave of parts.

The rear wings sticking out the backpack came out beautiful. Next time I'm done there I'll take photos.

There are 107 parts/assemblies remaining to be primed and painted. I combine the primer and shading steps. If I double down I can have everything painted and primed within four days.

Then there is the matter of the buster rifles. That is another beast entirely. I broke off the barrel attachments... go figure. I need to head to the hobby store for some top coat, so I will see if they have tubing that will slide over the remainder of the barrels. I would use brass, but plastic by far is easier to sand flat. Then the rifles need to be detailed. And primed. and shaded. and painted.

Jeez I forgot what's there of the inner frame that will be exposed. I'll have to look over photos again but that won't take long at all to paint over the joints. The backpack connector to the wings will need to be painted. All exterior surfaces- should be a fun challenge.

Prime and paint remainder of assemblies- 4 days
Prime, paint, repair buster rifles- 1 day
Paint exposed joints- do during 1 day token
Final assembly- 1 day
Paint base- 1 day
Top coat- do after final assembly (with gloves) (allow to cure, dust free 24 hrs)


Estimated time to completion: 3/26/2013

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