January 29, 2013

Vent Hole Plugged; Cleared- Work Resumes

-beep- -beep- ing -beep- it son of a -beep- ing -beep- ing -beep-  with -beep-  -beep- ing ghandi in a mother-beep- ing handbasket. It was the feed cap air hole that was plugged, killing suction. Taken care of and the brush paints beautifully

The air hole was plugged, so I unplugged it. Airbrush works beautifully. So... I will just begin work again. I did a round of dark navy blue parts and am waiting for the compressor to cool down before I go at it again. I am fixing lunch in the meantime.

Got the first round of black on the navy blue parts. I should really give them 12 hours to cure but I'm probably going to shorten the time to six hours. At that time I will mix the insignia red + flat black to get the ratio I want. Dunno what it is yet. I'll spray that (attempt a highlight) and let the parts dry a full 24 hours.

I also painted the gray parts and primered all yellow parts. I'll paint the yellow parts later tonight too with an enamel insignia yellow.

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