January 21, 2013

Looking to the Near Future on Kits

I've been looking at kits online, and I want to see what is next on the docket in terms of kit purchases. The list is determined by dividing the price of the kit over how bad I want it, a value I call price/desire. This helps me to get the bang for my buck, and so far I've been highly satisfied. So here we go:

Top 15 High Grades I want
Z'gok E
Astray Red Frame
Jegan ECOAS Type
MS-06F-2 Zaku II F2 0083
Gaza-C #62

Looks like the majority of the suits are bad guy or Zeon. Fine by me.

Top 5 Master Grades I want

God Gundam (Burning Gundam)
Titans MK II 2.0
Tallgeese EW
Shenlong EW
Buster Gundam

I am still debating kit bashing a 1/100 non grade endless waltz Altron Gundam with a MG Shenlong EW. The kits are so close in appearance that I think I could get away with it. I am very impatient waiting for a 1/100 MG Altron to come out, and I know just as the kits ship for the bash, Bandai will announce it.

Top 5 Tanks/Vehicles I want
USMC M50A1 Ontos
Academy US M8 Light Truck
Tamiya T34/85 Russian Medium Tank
Priest M7 Academy
Pz.Kpfw IV Tamiya

Kits that will be extremely lucky to make it to my work bench due to high price and low price/desire score:
PG Wing Zero Custom
PG MK-II Titans Ver.
MG The O
MG RX-93-2 Hi Nu
Kotobukiya Metal Gear Rex
MG Gundam Mk II 2.0
MG Aegis Gundam
MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka
RG Zeta Gundam
MG Kampher

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