February 16, 2014

Ulduar Homebrew Updates 2/16/2014

Ulduar homebrew has seen a couple of changes in the past couple of days. Text for boss instructions has been simplified. In addition, the abilities for Stormcaller Brundir have been completely reworked to be more accurate to the MMORPG. Tests have revealed a good, incremental difficulty as bosses are fought in each 'wing'.

Wing 1 (almost ready for testing)
Flame Leviathan

Wing 2 (ready)
Ignis the Furnace Master (chance of wipe: 0%)
Razorscale (chance of wipe: 0%)
XT-002 Deconstructor (chance of wipe: 55%)

Wing 3 (ready)
Assembly of Iron (chance of wipe: 0%)
Kologarn (chance of wipe: 0%)
Auriaya (chance of wipe: 64%)

Wing 4 (almost ready for testing)

Wing 5 (almost ready for testing)

General Vezax

Wing 6 (in development)

Algalon the Observer

In addition, Razorscale has been reworked a little bit to include a more random add spawn.

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