October 27, 2013

Oct 2013 Apartment Photo Tour

Things are coming together in this corner. I'd like to add more games to the shelves though. That or some plushies and figma.

New display shelf I picked up at Ikea. I really like it.

That- is a clean closet.

It's mine and you can't have it :p

Little lackluster in this corner. No worries- I'd like to get some posters up soon.

This is where my model building desk will go.

Something tells me I can fit more Gunpla in this shelf if I axe the wooden bases.

Still some stuff waiting to be moved around. We haven't decided what's going in this corner yet.

Roommate's lack of motivation to move his computer into his room. Our eventual dining room.

Our makeshift entertainment center. We recently bought those lamps. A friend of ours had one in her apartment and we wanted the same model.

Living room is coming to shape. Here is the brick wall of pleasantries.

Still gotta take some cardboard out later today and vacuum.

Large box promo displays. Mine. <3 br="">

Roommate's shinai and jamaican shark.

I need to clean the dishes today.

And the stove.

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