October 26, 2013

Battlesoul: Lay Down Thy Burdens

When I stumbled upon "Wolf" by Battlesoul on youtube- it lead to an album purchase. While I originally had apprehension buying the album Lay Down Thy Burdens- after listening to it once I am glad I bought it.

Viking/Folk metal is awesome. It just is. It isn't everyone's cup of tea though. For example- the hard core black metal music is too much for me to handle because of the discord in the musical beat itself. I think the closest I've gotten to any of that would be Behemoth or Slayer (Slayer is not black metal).

I didn't count the 2 quick wind instrument songs on this album in the scoring. Except for two songs- Signal the Storm and Lay Down Thy Burdens- I really liked this album. Both of those songs were OK- just not enough to rank them any higher. I likes Warriors In Carrion Kingdoms, Wolf, Wisdom, Silence and Bow to None the best.

I'll give this album a 4.2/5.0 (84%). Definitely worth picking up if you like Viking/Folk metal. It's not for everybody- but it is for me.


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