October 12, 2013

4:15pm fire; at the Treasure Cove

4:15pm fire; at the Treasure Cove

As I came back from the grocery store I heard an odd sound coming from our apartment atrium. I figured it was a broken AC unit. Then as I went downstairs I saw smoke. It filled the place and it was coming from the unit diagonal to mine. From the time I left for the grocery store and the time I returned, I have no idea how long the fire had been going on for.

I stepped outside and got my phone out. Apple was more interested in asking if I wanted to update and find a wifi spot. I was more interested in calling 9-1-1. I called the operator and told him the situation, my name, what I was wearing, where the building was and where the fire was located. I was told that it was a grease fire with 8 foot flames. The cause? I'll get to it.

I directed people out of the building and to get away from it. I had to get some children away from the window because they were curious (4-5 years of age). Someone went back in and hit the alarm before I could tell them not to re-enter the building. They took about 4 minutes to get here. Thankfully, we have fire-police living in our complex and they came running towards our building when they heard the scanner. I directed fire dept traffic to the scene as people evacuated the building with their young children.

Apparently the three neighboring towns/boroughs had nothing better to do on a Saturday as five trucks showed up, a managerie of fire police vehicles, an ambulance and six police vehicles across the street by another apartment complex. There were no injuries and everyone was accounted for. I swear, with military precision those guys entered the place and took care of business (the firefighters). I then talked to a few neighbors and cracked the joke "I'm glad I am paying for renter's insurance". It is only $9 a month for me, after all. I'll pay $100 a year for $30,000 coverage. easily.

Oh. the cause. Someone was baking a cake and left a 4-crate of cooking oil on TOP of the stove, on TOP of a flame that they started on the burner- then they knocked one of the (on fire) oil jugs to the floor where it spread quickly. Cake's done. Want some?

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