September 22, 2013

Entertainment Center 2.0- Designed and Made in America

My roommate and I have built our own furniture for our apartment to save on costs. So far we've built shelves and desks. Now we are moving onto the design stage for our entertainment center.

Design Requirements
The center must be able to support a load (our TV). In addition it must be able to support two smaller loads (two smaller TVs). It must also be able to hold consoles and have room for cords. It must be cost effective.

The design is based off of two nightstands we are using right now. The height is good from the perspective of the couch and the overall dimensions of the two stands seems adequate. In the future we can add modular shelves about 12 inches each way (to the left and the right) of the entertainment center).

Combined with elements from my shelf designs, we will first construct an inner frame of studs, square them up, then attach plywood panels to the outside. Two false fronts will be attached to the front to cover up joints (this is not portrayed in the drawing). 1/4" dowel pegs (1/4" holes will be drilled) in the side supports (going vertical)) will keep the shelf up. There will be no back panel unless one is desired. Two horizontal supports will fit on the back to prevent wobbling.

Once the pieces are counted up, gotten at the lumber yard and assembled, just place yer crap on there, get a power strip and game!

(there is a incorrect line or two in the drawing. My apologies. See if you can spot it).

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