August 7, 2013

Reign of Fire: Nurture

Nurture is a nice, versatile cost 3 Restoration card that will allow you to essentially play a Rejuvenate on your hero (albeit for more cost) or pump an ally for +2/+2. If the attached character is destroyed, you can take this ability from the owner's graveyard onto a target hero or ally. For raiding or keeping your party alive- this is a handy card for any druid deck. I just realized that unless there is unspecified errata, a previous form card did not have the text "destroy this card if you play a non-feral ability". Since this card doesn't rely on exhausting to operate- you could in theory use this card with a form and lunar barrage. For DPS boomkins focused on Lunar Barrage and druids looking for a pump card- this will do the trick- and keep coming back until the card is sent to the graveyard by an effect.

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