August 6, 2013

Reign of Fire: Lunar Barrage

I remember playing a boomkin in the online game as my off spec. Good fun- but the que lines were notorious for long wait times for DPS. This is a cost 5 ability, so it better be good if I am going to include it in my deck. You'll need to have ongoing abilities out, and when you play the card Lunar Barrage, you can exhaust another ongoing ability you control, and if you do you can copy Lunar barrage. It will allow you to deal 2 arcane damage to a target hero or ally. Nice I suppose, but there needs to be a lot of ongoings out there. I am sure there are some fore Core Druids, but this card, in my opinion would be better suited for classic decks. As a raiding card it might prove to be nice, but in an automated raid of mine like Ulduar- ongoing raiding abilities tend to not last too long- and to get the nice number of 1 damage per 1 cost paid, you need to have 1-2 ongoing abilities out there to exhaust to deal this damage. It's also nice that, if you do get to copy this ability, you can spread the damage around and pick new targets. Risky? yes but rewarding in a situation where this card is sitting in your collection.

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