July 10, 2013

Shouldn't You Have Had a Kit or Two Done By Now?

I know I know... at my pace I should have had at least one or two Real Grade kits done by now. I've hit a kind of hiatus ever since I began getting ready to move. That process is foggier than hell- I can't see very far into the future because of the unpredictability of the situation. One day you're excited at a new opportunity, then disappointed the next day when a deal falls through.

I last worked on the RG Zaku II about 45 days ago. At the moment the frame sits primered in the shop, and after trying to mask the joints I noticed that the paint came right up. My solution will be to paint the joints along with the armor. Because the kit is smaller in scale I can get away with carefully painting the joints with a brush.

I'm going to need a few things though to get started again- primarily new tape and two colors- a jungle green and a swampy tan. I'll see what I have in the stockpile of colors and make a purchase from there.

With the fight to get our gun rights restored in Illinois over for now, I don't have to monitor the situation and distribute information out anymore, freeing up time to do other things. I'd like to get back into model building, but with "builder's block' because of this move it's been difficult to get motivated.

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