July 29, 2013

Reign of Fire: Gravebound

Reign of Fire is the newest World of Warcraft booster set that just came out- and I am about... let's see... 7 or 8 booster sets behind. I had to stop playing at Worldbreaker due to moving out of college. Never thought I'd play again honestly- but I'm moving back home and buddies still want to play the game.

Starting off with Death Knight abilities, Gravebound has: "Attach to target ally you control. Ongoing: Attached ally has Assault 3. When attached ally is destroyed, put a 3 [Melee] / 3 [Health] Ghoul ally token into play." This is nice- it costs as much as Vanessa Fairgraves did from the DK starter set and gives a target ally assault 3. I don't know if I'd run this card in a revamped DK deck for raiding, but it seems like a nice card if you are building a deck focused on big bombs or a ghoul factory.

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