July 29, 2013

Real Grade Zaku II Work In Progress 04

There are a couple of things of note to discuss. In the last paint session I dropped the right shoulder shield and it messed up the primer work- so I sanded the affected area and re-primered it tonight, along with the connection plate for the torso and the beads for the head unit.

I've abandoned the leg unit beads because I dropped them all over the floor and I don't have the patience for it. I can get away with the excuse of "those are modular connection points for the future aerial pack". Or something like that. Only die hard Zaku zealots would be fuming at me. Ah well. My project.

Everything is looking good. I need to seal the bottom color down but I want to do it when the kit is one entire enchilada- which means I have to finish painting the primered parts later and then paint the stock of the rifle. I was holding onto it during the painting process- so all it is is primer.

I'd like the project done by the end of the week. I switched to Elmer's contact cement for the guillie suit and we'll see if that works. If not I will try Elmer's white glue. I have a feeling that guillie suit, regardless of what is attached or not may cause a mess on my shelf- and since I don't move my kits around much anyways so long as someone doesn't bump into it I think it will be ok. Vacuum can fix any falling debris. It should look awesome when it is done. Contemplating stealing Zaku sniper's rifle.

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