July 21, 2013

Real Grade Zaku II Work In Progress 03

So I kinda broke the connection tubes from the backpack to the core. Sh***y, brittle plastic. So I noticed a spring connects the two points from the leg connections and figured I could do the same for these two. Then I thought "ok, if I am going to replace this stuff I'll need a maleable yet firm material that will fit through the beads and into the holes".

16 gauge wire. Fixed the problem. Everything should be primered by later tonight. I figured my day couldn't get any worse. Then my airbrush fell with the needle unguarded and now I have a bent fucking needle. That's a $10 maintenance fee. I won't be able to work on the project until I replace the needle. Count on that to take one or two weeks. My only hobby that remotely brings my blood to a simmer and now I can't paint s***. A fine day this has been.

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