July 18, 2013

Playing Toss About Correctly

For years I played Magtheridon's Lair with our raid group in college, and we all abhorred a card called Toss About. How we would play it is that each person would roll, and if one person rolled odd every raiding hero took one damage and they rolled again until everyone rolled even. That is not how this card works. Some parts of Magtheridon's Lair, such as the lair card and toss about are poorly worded.

 In the errata, World of Warcraft Extended Raiding Rules, last updated in September 2008, it explains cards in Magtheridon's Lair. It has this to say about Toss About.

"Toss About, 2, Ability Play only if one or more Bloods are in play. Each raiding player rolls a die. If one or more players roll odd, Magtheridon deals 1 melee damage to each of those players' heroes, and then all raiding players roll again. Raiding players roll repeatedly until all of them roll even at the same time. Once players start rolling, nobody gets priority until all players roll even, and so each player must keep rolling, even if his or her hero accumulates fatal damage."

So let's read this one more time, and dissect it piece by piece; step by step.

1) The boss plays "Toss About" and it enters the chain. If no one responds to it, it leaves the chain and the text on the card activates as it hits the boss graveyard.

 2) Every raiding player will roll a die. If someone rolls an odd number from a 6 sided die, Magtheridon (the source, not toss about) deals 1 melee damage to the raiding hero who rolled an odd number. We mistakenly took it that if any one person rolled odd, everyone took a damage. But, unclearly here, it states that the source [Magtheridon] deals 1 melee damage to "each of those player's heroes" with the word "those" denoting those who rolled an odd number. If a player rolled even their hero takes no damage. If someone rolled odd, they all roll again. The card says "they roll again" and is unclear what happens next. This poorly worded card is explained further in errata.

3) Rolling the die does not use the chain. In order to do something to mitigate the damage or interrupt the card, it must be done when Toss About is played. Cards like [Atonement] can prevent the damage, in which case as a boss I would skip the rolling and continue my turn.

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