March 5, 2013

Wing Zero Custom Progress, Part (2)?

I've been working on the back wings. They had a huge seam line running down them that needed to be corrected. I'll have to mask the connecting gray piece in order to paint the wing. I went in with a sharpie to highlight panel lined areas for further detail. The end result should look fantastic.

Zero with a corrected face mask.

a close up of seam line removal, post 220 grit (not final)

I have to confess, I am not the tidyest person. I love to clean after a project, but it just gets dirty again quickly.

This is a travel case for stuff like shaveables, tooth brush, paste, etc. I found it and it is made out of some nylon plastic that is flexible. I use it to lock my parts in (it has a zipper) and wash them.

These sponges were a $2 impulse buy. They are handy for painting chips.

In case anyone wanted to model how snow falls on wood- there you go.

the snow storm begins. 1 ft expected with gusts of 30mph.

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