March 28, 2013

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Progress Part 10

I'm kind of "blah" with this kit right now. Lot of stuff going through my head. Normal stuff for a 24 year old bachelor. The devil's in the details- there are just so many small nitpicks to take care of in order to get this guy going. I tried flipping the feathers today (without top coat) and the tape underneath ripped it right off. Had to go back and re-primer all the feathers. I'll hold the damn things in my palm if I have to. What is likely going to happen is that I'll finish the kit sans feathers, and slowly get them in line over the course of a day.

Everything is now shadowed. Remaining parts await primer, then paint. I'll have to do four color swaps- white, blue, yellow, and red. I'll start with the lightest and go darker. When those parts dry, assuming nothing gets ripped up around the arm joints, I'll give them 6-12 hours before soft handling and final assembly.

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