March 27, 2013

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Progress Part 9

Buster rifles are complete. They are BADA** in my opinion. I decided not to go too crazy because the viewer's eye will go torwards the rifles and not the robot. I passed on the foil stickers and painted the camera lenses, including the ones in the forearms. The lenses on the head and v-fin will be painted after the V-fin is painted.

Everything else that needs painting is mounted. The joints are masked. The backsides of the wing extensions will be primed and painted tomorrow. The feathers will be top coated, left to dry for 6 hours then flipped around, gently resting on light tape. The process for the other side will be the same- shade, primer, paint.

I'd like the kit to be done by tomorrow evening, but definitely by Friday.

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