March 22, 2013

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom Progress Part 3

Last bit of white parts shaded and primed. Group of parts fell and a seam line on the back of a forearm cracked. Had to reglue and it looks good enough that I won't have to use putty. The individual feathers for the wings will have to be numbered and primed/shaded individually. There are very specific feathers that go in very specific locations, and I don't want to end up mixing them up.

I'm at the end of the tunnel almost with Zero- I'll have to head out tomorrow and get new stock plastic for the barrels. I haven't even putty'd and sanded the buster rifles yet. Then they need cleaning up, shading, priming, painting, and detailing. Like I said- a whole other beast to finish the buster rifles.

Kit is looking good.

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