February 14, 2013

1/100 MG Wing Zero Custom

 (not my kit)

I would be a huge liar if I said I didn't love the Wing Zero Custom. This mobile suit made its debut in the OVA New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. This was a three episode animation that chronicled events one year after the conclusion of the war in the original Wing anime series. It may be my most favorite suit of all. I have many favorites, but there is something special about Katoki Hajime's design. It's beautiful- it's powerful, and I want to capture those feelings in a 1/100 scale MG Kit. I have wanted to build this thing ever since I saw it on screen.

This 2004 master grade kit presents many challenges that must be overcome. This is NOT a kit recommended for beginners or even intermediates. 2004 was a year when Bandai began experimenting with inner frames. If today's inner frames are 2.0, then this kit has a 1.0 frame. The arms do not have any inner frame at all, and what is here is limited.

Special precautions and measures must be taken to ensure a successful build. This kit is notorious for not being able to:

-hold its weapons
-back wing troubles
-disconnecting parts

Unique solutions are required. Sticky tack must be employed carefully around the buster rifle handles. Girth must be added to the wing pegs to add stability while maintaining the best possible degree of articulation. There are seam lines ALL OVER THE PLACE on the inner frame, that if to be painted properly must be sanded and filled. ABS makes a sturdier inner frame, but it can be a royal pain to work with (sanding) versus polystyrene (normal plastic).

I will undertake the build process carefully in order to ensure a tight fit. There are a lot of seam lines, and they are proving a challenge, even for me. Care and patience will ensure a fantastic result.

My Goals:
-Painted inner frame (not detailed)
-Detailed, panel lined exterior (conservative)
-Detailed twin buster rifles
-Bunker Buster shot
-Middle finger pose (not possible with 3 finger trigger split)
-Angelic box/ other poses on flying action base (brass rod/6" base)

As with all my wing kits, no decals. Sorry boys and girls.

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