January 8, 2013

1-8-2013 MG Epyon Progress

1) Washing and drying the parts. It is necessary to get debris off before painting. 2) I was concerned I would have to move my paints upstairs due to the cold temperatures. Well, the heater blows out excess heat into the shop, and I found that the paints were slightly lower than room temperature. 3) I keep track of time to see how long it takes me to build a kit. 4) The navy blue parts getting a block sand. Next I will smooth out the shaping with 600 grit sandpaper, wash the parts and get them ready for primer. 5) Parts laid out to dry. I want to speed up the process with a blow dryer. Be VERY careful when you do this, and keep your distance.

Did some rough block sanding with 150 grit to the navy blue parts. I also cleaned the frame of debris, and it is drying now. I'll head down there later with a blow dryer to speed up the process.

Later today I will paint the inner frame, then give it 12 hours to dry. I will top coat it, then get to work on detailing.

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