July 17, 2017

The Red Dragon Inn

I've played this game for a few months now. I have to say- there is some depth to it where deception is concerned.

The jist of the game is that you have a fortitude on one end of a scale- and alcohol content on the other side. If they both meet at some point or pass- you pass out drunk and lose the game. Each player gets a deck of 40 cards. In the base set the different characters can do different things. You perform one action for the turn- which can include screwing over opponents or gambling.

You get a certain amount of gold per game. Lose all your gold and you lose. Then you order a drink for someone at the table- and then drink any drink that is in your 'drink me' pile. You move your counters in the corresponding direction. Sometimes you can get some NASTY chasers- which mean you drew one alcohol card plus another. In some games I was out very quickly. Tonight I won a game.

A lot of it is a mind game. If you know what is in each character's deck you can anticipate moves the player might make. When one player was low on cards I made a ballsy move to hit her for four fortitude points- and it knocked her out of the game. I was using an expansion deck for Pooky the manic rabbit. There are counters- and then there are counters for counters. You have to get a feel for how a person plays their deck and what deck the person is playing. I played my hand carefully and won- learning afterwards that the card I wanted to play so badly would have been countered- so I applied some small force just a little at a time.

I've also drank real alcoholic beverages playing this game. I don't recommend heavy drinking or mixing alcohol because you will throw up with that combination. Although the game isn't my favorite past time- it is still fun to play from time to time. Check it out.

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