February 13, 2014

Ulduar Homebrew Making a Comeback

Well- I kind of swore I wouldn't pick up the WOW TCG again- especially with it being a dead game. My roommate coaxed me into starting up the Ulduar project again after we ordered the Pathfinder Card Game.

We are going to run a few decks through their paces and see how they do in the 'first quarter'- Ignis, Razorscale and XT. The chance of death on XT, in tests- averaged about 40%. I will make the files available for those interested in playing Ulduar TCG style. If this rekindles and we have friends over- I'll have to find old booster packs as loot.

Ulduar, once we get the hang of it- will be taped for RobsGamingNetwork. It is a pilot-free raid that will kick your ass.

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