October 14, 2013

Loot Run 4: Came Out Nice!

I went to my local pawn shop where I get a 100% success rate of finding a game I want to pick up. I picked up four games the other day.

Battletanx: Global Assault (PS1) (Market $4.23)
Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy (GC) (Market $2.73)
Starfox Adventures (GC) (Market $8.00)
Twisted Metal: Black (PS2) (Market $4.61)

Starfox Adventures has been on my want list- so I'm glad I found it. I skipped on Lego Star Wars earlier- but I saw the price and said why not. I technically made a loss on the value of Star Wars: I paid $2.99 for the game but it's only worth $2.73. If the game is good, then it won't be a loss in my book. I paid $9.61 for everything. According to some old fashioned homework, the entire haul is worth $19.57. Thus, I saved 49% going to my pawn shop and fishing the games out. Lucky me too- the guy at the register said he put a bunch of games out two hours before. I looked through all of them of course.

Savings: 49%

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