October 17, 2013

Another Near Death Experience... >.>

Pennsylvania is known for three things. Beautiful autumns, the Pennsylvania dutch Amish and Mennonites- and really, really fucking bad drivers.

At a particular road, which I will not disclose- there is a fork in the road to either continue along Road A or to turn right onto Road B. Road B is not officially designated as a 'right turn only' but indicates the proper lane for Road B. There is only ONE, and only ONE entrance to Road A, and I am in said lane for Road A. My car represents the green arrow; his vehicle the blue.

This gentleman in a blue Dakota truck thought it would be a fun idea to not turn right like he was supposed to, but to cross into my lane of traffic and nearly send me flying into oncoming traffic to my left.

Fucking dipshit. Had I had a collision I would have sued him for being stupid.

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