June 11, 2013

Sony Trolls Microsoft

I have to give these people credit. Sony knows what they are doing and they are about to get a **** ton of business. I am "highly considering" a PS4 purchase.
Youtube peanut gallery:

Xbox 1 for the money, Wii U for the show, PC to get ready, and PS4 TO GO!!

This is the biggest butch slap I've ever seen one company give to another.

From the looks of it today, Sony's been dick slapping Microsoft all around the place...

Here comes the butthurt.

Apply cold water to the burned area

I am a die hard XBOX fan... never liked playstation as much.... but with the shit microsoft was about to pulll.... ill flip the switch and join the PS4 gang if they do.... (US Marine)

I believe the appropriate term is "Danza Slap". THAT is what Sony is doing to Microsoft right now.

Combo kick in the M$ nuts by Sony

yeah..but the difference is that they give games for free..while MS just give you some discounts on the price of few games and add-ons. and PS+ is even cheaper than XLG.

'The foregoing instructional video applies only to disc based games.' hahaha

Sony absolutely destroyed Microsoft. I don't use either console but I love this rivalry.

I have an xbox right now, but after its reveal and all the other hardware bull they pulled. Ps4 is the freshest breath of air ever, i can't wait to switch over now

My wise old launch day PS2 watched the conference. He was in tears and when I asked him why he proudly said, "Now I can retire, that's my son (PS4)" The PS3 farted.

It is not about the games anymore. When people are choosing consoles not because of the games but the restrictions and unwanted junk one has, there is a big problem

Yup but still cheaper than xbox live and you get the free games that sony offers every couple months.

I giggled a bit.

You guys better make this an actual TV ad. parents who dont know will see these ads and ask questions.. like "does that mean its different for the xbox?"

My PS3 runs just fine online, Killzone and Defiance run smoothly, PS4's just a better deal even with the $5 extra for PS+ and multi access. PS+ itself is worth $5, with all the free games, discounts, wallpapers, and avatars. I'm not biased i also own a Xbox 360, but PS4 just beat down Xbox One.

First Class Fatality!

Instructions weren't clear enough I got my penis trapped in my ceiling fan

Chuck Norris just taught Sony how to punch people through a video!

I own an Xbox but this year has made me want to buy a PS3 and this Christmas it'll be a PS4 under my tree (plz Santa), should somebody get Don a stretcher to the burn ward?


This might be the single greatest gaming related video ever created.

They spread them buttcheeks. Microsoft wasn't sure at first but shhh shhhh it's ok. It's ok. You'll actually like it. Oh Sony-sempai. Be gentle it's my first time

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