April 24, 2013

PG RX-178 Gundam MK.II WIP Part 03

As cool as he would be with ice blue eyes, I have to go with the red. Evil suit! evil! It's coming together nicely. One of the arms is complete, one of the legs is now complete, one of the feet is now complete, and now to do the other side plus the backpack and weapons.

I'm going to start jotting down my thoughts in my write up. I already have some beefs with this kit, but the sheer awesomeness of the detail is enough for me. You can do some posing with this guy- it's just the nitpicks I am going after. I can see how PGs were a test bed for new ideas, and I remind myself constantly that this kit was released in 2002. 11 years ago. It's still very impressive for its year.

More pics and WIP videos to come. I'm processing one now and have another in the pipeline. Assembly will definitely be done by this time next week- I'd give it five more days. If I boogie? sooner. Some days I do actually spend 3-4 hours building this kit. The average is 1.48 hours per day in the register. So far I've spent 11 hours assembling this kit. Some folks take more, some take less- but HLJ cites the build time around 12 hours.

There will be a video review of the unpainted kit (no decals) and there will be videos of the painting process, if I can manage to do it with the transition over to my new home at the beginning of June. There will also be a part for plug and play options plus articulation. There is no action base option for this kit. One would have to be created, and I'd rather create a sturdy saddle rather than drill up into him. The leg core is made of solid metal- there's no way I can drill into that with my tools.

I am doing custom work to the circuitry in this kit. I am adding a second switch so that I can cut power to the cockpit when I don't want to show it off. The two LEDs will be wired in parallel. This means they suck battery power twice as fast as in series, but if I don't want to show the cockpit off- why bother lighting it when no one sees it? save on batteries. Batteries are cheap yes, but it's a few less times I have to disassemble the backpack to put new ones in. If the mono-LED in the head isn't enough light for my taste, I will modify the head to fit two LEDs in there (there is room) and I would probably then put the cockpit on a separate circuit.

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