August 3, 2017

First Half of 2017 Wrap Up

June 23rd is the half-way point for the year. We are a little past that- but no matter.

My lovely M85 NPAP. Known in the arsenal as "4-B".

I work hard. When I get home to have something to eat- people who aren't working steal my food. I got pissed off enough that I bought a mini fridge and put a lock on it. Solved that problem.

The Sports Club I was invited to to try Trap Shooting for the first time. I had a blast. Shot 15/25 first time.

X-mas gift cards burning a hole in my pocket = stock up, buttercup! Still sitting on a lot of this ammo. For the M85 ("4-B").

America's muffin: this cat's name is Hoagie.

America's ham: this cat's name is Dapper (senor guapo).

Trap Shooting for the first time.

Fucker! >:(

God himself could sit in this chair and the cat will make you get up. Hoagie's chair.

A game of Blood Rage.

Not as good as I was expecting. I think the author needs some "D".

So... ya know. Going to pick up some ammo and I get to hand out with someone's alligator.

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