August 5, 2017

Canada: Yanks Leave Your Guns At Home

There are a lot of ignorant and stupid people out there. Ignorant because they don't know any better when they should- and stupid because they lack basic common sense. If you are following along this far- allow me to explain myself.
The United States (should) recognize the right to keep and bear arms in some fashion. We certainly do here in Pennsylvania. However- a bunch of people think they can waltz with their guns right to their vehicles and drive over state lines with them. While federal law protects them- and often nothing will happen should all laws be followed- there are select states that DON'T recognize your right to keep and bear arms- and will immediately arrest you for doing so. Lookin' at you, New Jersey. Worse- people think they can get a carry permit in one state and carry in any of the 50 states because 'it functions like a driver's license, right?'


Some territories- and let's bash on New Jersey again because they are America's grundle- refuse to recognize any concealed carry permits other than their own. In their own state they VERY RARELY grant any permits to anyone because 'we say who gets rights and who does not'. Illegal? sure is- but activist judges seem to think it's okay to trample on the rights of the people. Just ask Shaneen Allen. When pulled over she let officers in New Jersey know she had a carry permit from Pennsylvania and where the gun was. They took the gun and placed her under arrest for practicing her rights. Should she have known better? yes. But at the same time it is New Jersey's bureaucrats and gestapo to blame for enforcement.

Then some people get the gall- the cajones.... you know what? I don't think it's gall or cajones. I think it is sheer stupidity and lunacy. People think that they can take their guns and cross the border into Canada. Canada responded like this:  

"Leave your guns at home, because your right to keep and bear arms ends at our border"

They are absolutely 100% correct. Guns are being seized at the border and people are getting arrested. Canada is a sovereign nation that is not part of the United States- although we like to call them 'America's hat'. You cannot waltz across the border (with your guns) without permits and special permission. Yet some of these bozos think they can- and that there isn't a care in the world- until they are spending tens of thousands of dollars to get themselves out of court.

Read your state's laws concerning transportation of firearms. It is up to you to comply (or not comply) with carriage bans. You cannot leave the United States with your weapons unless 'special arrangements' have been made. Common sense, right? Seems like a lot of people lack it these days.

Don't be one of these fools. If a territory tells me to 'leave your guns at home' they can fuck off. I'm not going.

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