July 14, 2017

Welcome Back!

Good god It's been a while. This blog originally started in what... 2005? I was getting into model building at the time and wanted a place to post my results. This was before blogs took off and layouts were complicated and basic. Now it's easier than ever before to get a blog up and running. So why come back now, in the middle of 2017 all of a sudden?

Originally I started with 'The Guy With Not Enough Time On His Hands!' and went from there- posting about stuff that I liked. That eventually evolved into RobsGamingNetwork in 2011. That youtube channel still exists. To further accentuate the channel I moved it to social media- having it's own Facebook page. Well it just so happened that a few days ago I made a post on my private wall about how I felt my AK did not need anymore accessories. A harmless post, right?

I am posting this picture for no good reason. What is the sidearm she is carrying?

I was censored.

Facebook felt it violated the community guidelines- and I am not going to sit here and deal with their horse shit. And thus- I leave social media (nice breather). Blog content is much easier to produce- and it will be RGN this time that accentuates the blog- like it used to be.

So welcome back!

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