July 28, 2017

Reply to Article 'If you hear someone getting harassed in an online game, don't stay silent'

AlphaOmegaSin dropped his opinion on this one- so I figure that I would read the article too and give my response. According to his video it seems like any effort to pick this article apart is just wasted time. But alas.

Kotau came out with an article on July 14th, 2017 by the author Cecilia D'Anastasio titled 'If You Hear Someone Getting Harassed In An Online Game, Don't Stay Silent. News sites are quick to pull controversial articles- so I snapped a picture of the front page. She begins the article by talking about a dipshit who completely trashed her as a player for being a woman.

That's called being a major league asshole. Then she talks about being called 'that fuckin' bitch'. That is more generic now-a-days. So people are being shit stains. What you do is tell them to fuck off and fuck them over. So she goes on to bitch about the phenomenon by saying:

This is ridiculous. Players’ rampant and unchecked cruelty and sexist commentary are preventing me and others from enjoying our favorite game, a first-person shooter with twice the female userbase as any other. And I want to be clear about something: When it comes to harassment in online gaming, silence is complicity. 

 So people are preventing her from playing the game. Well not quite- people are being fucking douchebags about this and you should block them and tell them to fuck off. The idea of 'unchecked cruelty' worries me, and I wonder where she will go with the article. But I should be absolutely clear about something too: 'silence is complicity' is bullshit.

There is a saying I live by, and I promise this has something to do with the article. 'If you want to eat, you work'. There are no entitlements, no handouts or whining or bitching. It's nice to have another player defend you, but the claim that because they 'are silent' they are a piece of shit and mysoginist is a load of horse shit. Entertain me for a moment- what if someone doesn't have a microphone or has audio turned off? are they mysoginist assholes too because they won't engage with your agenda?

 So then she dumps this 'mess' on video game developers. They are supposed to make the game and maintain it- not play social justice police. I will not deny that online gaming can be toxic because there are, indeed a lot of fucking idiots out there. The fact that you had to say:

 But who sanctions it are the indifferent or cowardly bystanders who stay silent while strangers harass those of us........

 makes me give you the proverbial bird. I am not complicit in anything- and before you tell me I have 'male' or 'white' privilege you can fuck off. It is not my responsibility to play big brother to you or anyone else. Call out the dipshits and mute them. They aren't going to help you out anyways so you aren't missing out on much. 'It's culture's fault'. Those are some dangerous words Cecilia in a society of free ideas. Block the fucking retards or play just with friends, but don't drop your shit onto others' plates.

I think this is really about Cecilia's inability to stand up for herself and then blame it on others. That's a big personal problem. I'd say the same thing if the author was a man or something in between, or something that is none of the above. I have the perfect solution for you Cecilia- and this one is passive-aggressive. Mute the fuckers without arguing with them. They can hear you but you can't hear them- and they will think you are ignoring them. That's a good way to irritate some of the trolls. For those people who do 'step up'? friend them. And always remember kids:

"Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB"

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