July 29, 2017

Ammo I Run

I get this question sometimes. The answer is whatever I can get my hands on that is a good deal. For personal defense I run Winchester #4 birdshot in my shotgun then Hornady Critical Defense in 9mm and .380 Auto. Sometimes the lites.

The bulk of my ammunition is steel cased because it is more affordable than brass. Unfortunately that means that indoor ranges do not like me. Both of my AK's eat steel- both in 5.56 x 45mm (223 remington) and 7.62 x 39mm. That steel cased stuff is typically Tulammo or Wolf Performance Ammunition (WPA)- and it's good for my purposes. Win a rifle match it will not.

For 5.56 x 45mm, 9mm and .380 auto I occasionally pick up PMC branded ammunition made (I believe) in Korea. I have had really good results with that ammunition. Although each gun is an individual- my guns have cycled PMC no problems. Back when I had my Bersa Thunder 380 Plus it did not like flat nosed projectiles- or by proxy Winchester ammunition with flat noses.

7.62 x 54mm, the biggest pill in my collection is typically Bulgarian surplus that you get out of a spam can. The ammo I am shooting, if I recall correctly was sealed in 1975. I have never had a failure to fire or feed with that ammo- it's all still good as the day it was sealed. It is corrosive so clean your weapons well. If I have to fire indoors and I cannot use surplus then I typically pick up Bear ammo, but I'll use whatever brass ammo I can in it. When I want to do more precise shooting with my Finnish M39 I will begin to consider more accurate ammunition- up to and including reloads.

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