May 20, 2015

John Traphagan, University of Texas- 'Biker Violence is American Gun Culture'

John Traphagan, University of Texas- 'Biker Violence is American Gun Culture'

Anti rights advocates blame the Waco Biker gang shootout on gun owners and easy access to guns. John Traphagan wrote an opinion piece saying that this violent gang activity is indicative of american gun culture. Not only is Traphagan being intellectually dishonest, he is painting a broad stroke and yielding to rash generalizations likening law abiding gun owners to mass murderers and gang violence. The truth couldn't be more opposite.

To protect America from 'gun violence', Traphagan and a plethora of other anti rights advocates recommend cutting off the right to privately owned firearms. The day this happens in our country is when the country revolts against its own government. What is fascinating is that this 'educator' failed to mention that gangs are not unique to the United States, and that many gangs in other countries, which have stricter laws than the US, have ready access to firearms, bombs and other weapons. In fact- some have access to automatic weapons. Few, if any- gangs in the United States have overtly claimed they have access to automatic weapons.

Traphagan can be dismissed as well as his opinion on private ownership of firearms. Our country was founded with a list of entitlements- one of which is keeping and bearing arms. So long as we have a first amendment, we must tolerate their right to opinionate stripping of personal liberties. However, those that actively harm our liberties must be put in prison. There is a clear difference between the two- and the only way the law can be enforced is if people comply.

I collect, target shoot and appreciate firearms. I am a law abiding taxpayer, a good person and a good citizen- and certain, warped people want to blame me for mass murders and gang violence? Please. That means that forks are to blame for making people fat- or more accurately, because birds are blue we mistake them when we shoot them as pests- "they're all the same", some will say. They are not- and an educator should know better- or be called out as a hypocrite.

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