February 6, 2015

Democrats Propose 2015 Magazine Ban

In 1994, Clinton signed the crime bill into law prohibiting a newly coined term "assault weapons" and "large capacity ammunition clips" from law abiding citizens. The NRA at the time decided to take that one in the ass, and the NSSF, a completely different organization which represents firearms manufacturers- began to comply with federal mandates. The bill sunsetted in 2004. A ignorant George Bush was to sign the bill to be renewed again, but decided not to after massive backlash. In 1996 the democrats lost Congress in retaliation for their assault on the Constitution.

In 2013 Democrats under Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg proposed a stricter crime bill in response to a massacre in Connecticut. The NRA did not take it in the ass this time and dug in. With the support of its members, other rights groups and law abiding gun owners- Congress was reminded of the 1996 kiss of death as they attempted to pass anti-rights measures. The bill failed in a democrat controlled Senate. In retaliation for the usurpation of our liberties, the Democrats lost Congress again. They lost it by an even wider margin than they did in 1996.

Today, in 2015 it has been announced that rank and file anti-rights Democrats are introducing a bill to prohibit the posession and sale of large capacity magazines over 10 rounds. At least they got their fucking terminology correct this time. The 30 round magazine, which they are primarily going after- is the standard capacity magazine for semi-automatic rifles such as the AR-15 and AK-47 series of rifles. Both are very popular rifles in the United States; the AR-15 is America's most popular rifle, as it has seen effective use through law abiding activities such as self defense, target shooting and occasionally hunting.

There is evidence to the contrary that a ban on large capacity magazines would 'make children safer'. This is what the bill is about- retroactively punishing law abiding people because of crimes 'they might commit'. This is thought policing, and this is exactly why WE, in November of 2014 pinned the anti-rights advocates down to the floor six ways from Sunday in a wave of GOP support. Part of that 'evidence' is that it does not take very long to change out a 10 round magazine. Columbine was carried out with post-ban magazines, and that didn't stop them or make anyone safer. To which, the anti-rights advocate will reply 'well if it saves just one life'. I am not buying the bleeding heart horse shit.

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