January 17, 2015

Anti-Rights and Hoplophobia in Connecticut

In a few weeks we are going to see the results of the 'Sandy Hook Advisory Commission' which I guarantee you will not include any opinions of the national rifle association or anyone with a logical brain. Everyone knows my opinion of the anti-rights movement in this country, so I don't need to repeat a lot of things again. In a 'pre' showing of the report, the commission recommends a complete ban of any firearm that has the ability to fire more than 10 rounds. The most dangerous part is that the commission also stated that Constitutionality is not for us to decide, and that they are 'writing end results'.

A complete ban on certain types of firearms, which are commonly used for lawful and/or sporting purposes, is a violation of the 2nd amendment of the United States of America. It should end right there, but the issue is bleeding hearts mixed with anti rights advocates. These bleeding hearts adopt the stance of 'if it saves just one life', codified in the additional statement of 'even if it causes some inconvenience to recreational shooters'.

No. It isn't merely an inconvenience. It is a stripping of liberties and we will not stand for it. Instead of creating gun free utopias in our nation's schools, and hoping that printed text on a sign will stop the madman, we need more security at our nation's schools. Even then, some foam at the mouth that more guns are not the answer- even if said gun is on the belt of a law enforcement officer. The levels hoplophobia are outstanding.

Davis J. Schonfield, one of the commission members hopes that the measure extends far beyond the borders of Connecticut. I will make something very clear to him and to this commission- I will continue to purchase, acquire, own, store, keep and bear my firearms, even if you hate them, an inanimate objects. There will be absolutely zero compliance on my end if the government chooses to enforce this. I urge all Connecticut citizens who own firearms to not comply with any unconstitutional legislation that the CT government has passed, or will pass. Do not comply with it. I do not know why you people choose to continue to live in Connecticut, but if you must do so, do not comply.

And as a final surprise- they want the report issued on Valentine's day. So cute.  And as an additional PS- Criminals and the mentally insane don't give two fucks about you or your god damn report.

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