August 16, 2014

Ferguson Police Allow Looters Free Reign in St. Louis

The moral of the story today is: if you want to decide to loot and pillage local businesses, be prepared to potentially have a gun pointed down your throat. As rioting and looting continues in Ferguson, Missouri, citizens with, at minimum, half a brain are deciding to arm themselves. Looters, who are bigoted and feel 'entitled' to get what they deserve from honest working people are breaking windows with bricks and starting fires, carrying out hundreds of dollars worth of products from area businesses.

Stores like Sam's Meat have had enough after being looted once. When looters returned to the store, they found owners armed to the teeth and decided to go looking elsewhere. Let it be known, you have the right to defend yourself, your family and your property. If you have to shoot someone, do it as an absolute last resort. There are two issues to balance when arming yourself during civil unrest and without rule of law, known as WROL: the sanctity of life, irregardless of the crimes being committed, and then the right to defend yourself, others and your property.

As an added bonus, police in Ferguson Missouri are right across the street, being ordered to stand down and watch people commit crimes then do nothing about it. Business owners are complaining and are furious. Get a gun and protect yourself, but also remember what we just discussed. Don't let them ruin you, but at the same time- you can't shoot someone simply because they look like they are trouble. Utilize extreme discretion in protecting yourself. Those who went to loot and found armed defenders decided to go elsewhere.

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