June 9, 2014

Shannon Watts: Good Guys With Guns Never Save Lives (BULLSHIT ALARM SHOULD BE SINGING)

It pisses me off to no end when the bad guys win. A man gave his life Sunday when two domestic terrorists shot up a Cici's and a Walmart in Nevada. The third person killed in their assault was a man who pulled a conceal carry pistol and was about to confront the male shooter. However, the shooter had an accomplice. She snuck up behind him and shot him right in the chest. This man selflessly put himself in harms way to protect other people.  Had I had the shott and could take it safely, I would have done the same thing. I don't even know the man and I can say to him- from someone who respects the sanctity of life, thank you. That was above and beyond what you could have done. The permit holder was a true man and a true person. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

There is a difference between genuine suspicion of the government, downright distrust of the government, and anti-government beliefs. This is what I wanted to clarify in this video today. The founders always stated to be genuinely suspicious of government, and for many reasons you should look up. Many people that follow this channel know that I have a strong distaste for the US federal government. While I believe standing militia groups are a threat to liberty (as per Thomas Jefferson's "a standing army in times of peace is dangerous") I believe it is ok to have an inactive, small group that trains in the very unlikely event that their state or federal government will need help. We may have a huge army and national guard, but they can't be EVERYWHERE in the United States at one time.

Genuine militia groups exist to promote Constitutional values, training in using firearms, which some may call paramillitary exercises; and remain inactive from a unit standpoint as to not threaten the balance of liberty. This means not making major decisions as a unit unless there is a state of emergency and unless the government needs help in restoring order. That is what it means to be a well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state. The United States military, in my firm belief, is not here to administer a coup and certainly is not against the people or our rights. I can say this from personal experience from people I have talked to. The idea is, has always been, and it seems that people forget- is that in severe emergencies, the people must stand up to preserve law, the government and peace. So called 'militia groups' train to fulfill that roll, in addition to getting some experience with competition shooting and home defense.

There are some militia groups with are vociferously anti-government. They are out there, there is no hiding them under the rug. CNN tried to pass off the Vegas duo as militia members, but I buy that argument as much as I buy the next argument that I will discuss soon; something Shannon Watts said recently on national news. It's a vice to humanity- there are people that are racist, bigoted, prejudiced, hateful, anti-government, tyrannical and downright not good. These people are especially dangerous when they hijack the true meaning of a 'militia group' by turning it into a terrorist cell. I guarantee you the DHS and the FBI have no distinction between a militia group and a terrorist cell simply because that is how they operate.

A problem we have in this country is that crazy shits are getting access to guns. As a nation we have told Congress that states need to mandatorily report crazy people to the NICS background check system. In response, Congress said 'NO' because the proposal didn't have enough 'gun control'. What I just said could be misconstrued support for universal background checks. It isn't, because UBCs are not going to stop a determined person from stealing, acquiring, OR buying a gun privately in the first place. This defiant stance and complicitness in letting people die is one of the things that brings my piss to a boil. The bill, I believe was introduced in the Senate and shot down there. I am pretty sure Harry Reid had something to do with it. For a government that claims it is interested in saving lives, it is hugely hypocritical of them to ignore something that could save lives, is supported by pro-gun and anti-gun advocates, and doesn't run afoul of the Constitution. But no. It's all about a gun grab with those people.

Shannon Watts of Bloomberg's Everytown recently declared on national news that good guys with guns never save people's lives, because data supports her argument. I could travel to the other edge of our galaxy and smell the waft of that major bullshit she just told. Complete and utter nonsense. To counter her argument with facts and data, I am going to find every****** ******* example that I can where an off duty police officer or permit holder stopped a dangerous person from doing what they were doing. If there is just even ONE example, her statement has been absolutely discredited.

1) Kenneth Hammond; 2007; Trolley Square UT; stopped madman with police; perp armed shotgun
2) School Resource Officer; 2014; Atlanta, GA. stopped a student armed with pistols and molatovs.
3) Lisa Castellano; 2012; San Antonio, TX; stopped a man firing into a movie theater.
4) Nick Meli; Clackamas, OR; pulled a gun on a mall shooter, whose fantasy bubble popped. perp armed XM15.
5) Monica Jones; 1985; pulled a shotgun on a rapist about to rape a neighborhood 12 year old girl.
6) Joel Myrick; 1997; Pearl High School; pulled a .45 auto to stop a mass shooter in his school.
7) Andrew Wurst; 1998 Park Middle School; pulled a shotgun to stop a mass shooter in the banquet hall.
8) Tracey Bridges, Deputy, Mikael Gross (off-duty police); 2002; Appalachian School of Law stopped Peter Odighizuwa.
9) Jeanne Assam; 2007; Colorado Springs, CO; pulled a concealed weapon to stop a mass shooter at her church.
10) Donald J. Moore; New York Mills NY; pulled a concealed weapon on a perp armed with a magnum in an AT&T store.
11) Clare Cooper; Muskegon, MI; used a shotgun to return fire on robbery suspects in his store.
12) Unnamed Employee; Santa Clara, CA; used a 45 caliber handgun to stop a madman in their gun range.
13) Unnamed permit holder; 1991; Aniston AL; fired at armed robbers inside a store.
14) Unnamed permit holder; 2009; Richmond VA; fired their gun at armed robbers inside Golden Food Market.

There are fourteen examples of good people using guns to defend their lives and other people's lives, Shannon Watts. Erica Soto Lamb, another honcho at Everytown then backtracked and said

'OK, well it happens rarely then.'

She would be the kind of person to argue that I don't have very many examples. But let's backtrack to what Watts said, and what Soto Lamb is claiming it means. She, Lamb, claims that the statement 'good guys with guns never save people's lives' really means 'good guys with guns rarely save people's lives'. Government studies, including ones by the Department of Justice and Center for Disease Control indicated that firearms are used every single day in legitimate defensive scenarios to protect property and life of the users. Often shots are not fired. Sometimes they are. But the facts cannot be misconstrued: guns have saved lives, whether in someone's home or whether someone was carrying it.

They can't top that counter argument. I'd like to see them trump the truth without attacking me personally.

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