June 14, 2014

Galco Tuck N' Go Fails Short of a Year Life Cycle

I'm in an irritable mood at the moment so I am going to make the video short and sweet. Part of conceal carrying is training with your weapon. For about a year now I have relied on Galco's tuck n' go holster, which has served my Bersa Thunder 380 plus nice. However, I am running into a very, very important issue that could get me killed.

Whenever I try to reholster my weapon, if my pants are too loose the gun simply pushes the holster into my pants. The leather no longer retains it shape. In addition, if my belt is too tight it crimps the ends together and my firearm will not seat.

It seems that the life span is up on this little sucker- it can't retain its shape. It will hold my gun, but in a situation where I need to reholster my gun quickly- it could mean that I get shot by police or someone else who mistakes me for the bad guy.

This level of quality is unacceptable for my everyday carry system. I will be looking for a higher quality holster for my Bersa Thunder 380 plus. The problem is is that they are very difficult to acquire for my particular model.

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