May 21, 2014

The Race is Set for November 2014

Part of the future of gun rights in Pennsylvania rest in the election cycle scheduled for November 2014. Primaries were held yesterday and Tom Wolf was chosen to represent the Democratic Party for governor. The GOP party forced off Bob Guzzardi and is staying with Tom Corbett. Finally, Ken Krawchuk of the Libertarian party is making a bid for governor.

The race does not bode well for the Constitutional rights of Pennsylvania citizens. While Tom Corbett is pro-gun as hell, he is not very popular with Pennsylvanian citizens. He is also anti Civil rights, earning him my rejection from selection this November.

Tom Wolf is anti gun and has stated that he will push for the banning- and possible confiscation- of any scary rifles that he thinks are the cause of mass murders. We've beat this dead horse a thousand times and I'm not going to explain why an anti-2nd amendment candidate is being rejected.

The only viable candidate to choose from is Ken Krawchuk, who through my intense pugh selection matrix earned a Constitutional OK and a PASS when scored against my beliefs as an American Constitutionalist. The problem is that people have their heads so far stuck up inside their ass that they fail to realize that voting in the two party system is perpetuating the problem of America's decline, as both the DEM and GOP aim to dismantle our rights in separate ways.

However. There is one exception.

Yesterday, a federal judge ruled that Pennsylvania's ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional. I overwhelmingly agree with the decision- the state of Pennsylvania has discriminated and harmed citizens by preferential treatment to what it considers 'moral'. We're not here to discuss that. But if Corbett refuses to appeal the decision, as his Attorney General has refused to do so- I am willing to let bygones be bygones and I would throw my weight behind Tom Corbett this November.

With his track record, he is expected to appeal the decision. If he surprises us and declines to appeal, he will be Constitutionally OK for consideration. Until then, the only constitutionally viable candidate is Ken Krawchuk of the Libertarian Party.

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