May 1, 2014

Legitimate Stand Your Ground a Scapegoat for Anti-2nd Amendment Activists

I've known about this story for a week now, but I usually don't comment on things like this unless they explode disproportionately.

A german/turkish foreign exchange student was shot and killed when he was found in a garage trying to steal a woman's purse. The homeowner pleads stand your ground in this case, and cited recent burglaries as his reason for shooting.

Anti-gunners are crying fowl. So am I. And about the same thing.

Stand your ground laws exist to let you use proportional and/or deadly force in the event that you feel your life is threatened. Castle doctrine is the same rule albeit on your property. In order to pass for a Stand Your Ground defense, you have to:

1) reasonably believe your life is in danger
2) in the case of the state of Pennsylvania, see a perceived or real weapon
3) be in a place you are legally allowed to be (no trespassing),

So what happened? Why would I, a pro-2nd amendment person cry murder against the homeowner?

He set up a bate trap with an accomplice. This woman set up the purse in the garage to lure people into the property so that the male homeowner could shoot them. This immigrant student, for reasons unknown entered the garage. When alarms went off, the homeowner immediately fired a shotgun through the door, without warning.

This isn't a case of a thief entering a safe room. This isn't a case of a homeowner finding an intruder breaking into the property or trespassing.

This is first degree murder.

Anti-2nd amendment activists are using this tragedy to suit their agenda. They call self defense 'vigilante justice' and 'gun violence'. I know what vigilante justice is, but I have no idea what the term 'gun violence' means. Violence isn't committed by guns, it is committed by people.

Ignorant foreigners condemn our 2nd amendment under the context that we have no right to own weapons. The man who murdered this kid, who had no business to be in that garage- should not and apparently has not been granted Stand Your Ground status.

He may have claimed Stand Your Ground, but I will not, for a second buy the argument that this was a legitimate case of self defense.

Anti-2nd amendment activists are ignoramus over the issue and are purposefully twisting the facts to suit their agenda. Foreigners are ignorant on the 2nd amendment, its purpose, and what Stand Your Ground truly means, and more importantly, how it and Castle Doctrine apply in this case. It does not, and should not.

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