May 30, 2014

Gun Free Zones and Shannon Watts: Two Bold Faced Lies

This blog is no stranger to calling out Shannon Watts, one of the founders of Everytown on her hypocrisy. Whether she wants to destroy the 2nd amendment personally isn't being debated here. Anyone who follows the Brady 3 page plan for confiscation is complicit in bringing down the amendment that recognizes the right to keep and bear arms.

Recently, Chilli's and Sonic came out saying 'we would prefer you to not open carry in our stores'. Okay. They have a right to refuse service to anyone. I've known Chilli's to be an anti gun restaurant chain; in Deer Park, Illinois the Chilli's there has been a gun free zone before the advent of the new Conceal Carry law that we pushed with the weight of the courts.

The critical error is when companies like Chilli's, Sonic and the advocacy group Everytown claims that by banning 'guns' in particular businesses that their children are completely safe from harm. This is further from the truth. Law abiding citizens may comply with the signage, but I guarantee you criminals don't give two shits about what you say.

You are three times more likely to be shot by a police officer's gun than mine. You are more likely to be shot by a criminal's gun than mine. There is an idea perpetuating among the anti-rights advocates:

'the mere presence of a gun creates a danger to each and every individual within the store'.

We first need to use common sense. A holstered (or slung back) gun isn't a danger to anyone, so long that the trigger guard area is protected and the hammer is in a safe position. This is even more so when a trained individual is carrying that firearm, regardless if they have a permit or not.

The double standard comes into play when it is OKAY to let law enforcement in with weapons, but not law abiding citizens. The argument that 'law enforcement is better trained than you' is major league horse shit. I get out to the range more often than most officers do in a year. That doesn't make me better than them necessarily, but I guarantee you that not only have I had training on how to operate my firearm, I know when I can and cannot justifiably break leather to save my life.

The companies claim that they ban guns on their premises because it 'saves lives'. This is a lie. They are doing it because sheep feel uncomfortable around guns. That's all there is to it. I've pried away the layer of lies and exposed the truth. Everytown is NOT a credible source for gun safety. When 'gun control' gained a negative connotation, they then began to call themselves something else. When they are tired of that suit, they will dawn another in their deceptive bid to disarm America and take away weapons that are used for lawful purposes. They do not want guns in their stores. As a public store I feel I have the right to carry a firearm in there for my personal protection, and that private property that is residential and non-business in nature (i.e. not inviting the public in) has a credible right to say that they want to ban guns from their property.

Ensuring that Americans are safe and secure when visiting? you're gonna need armed security and metal detectors, Watts. You are removing good guys and girls from the equation; perpetuating slaughtering fields.

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