April 9, 2014

Steps to be Taken and Recommendations: Another Fort Hood Shooting

I wanted to wait a week before airing anything on Guns and Steel or presenting an article here. Much of what will be said has already been said before. First- it is absolutely reprehensible with regards to what happened. I offer my condolences to the families involved. We live in an age where our priorities as a nation have shifted. Instead of protecting what means the most to us- people- we shrug our responsibilities in lieu of other pursuits. Perhaps a hidden agenda is to blame- or greed- or corruption.

The Facts
Fort Hood, Texas has been the site of another terrorist attack. 4 people, minimum, were killed. This shooting occurred in a Gun Free Zone. Security was unable to stop the attack as it progressed. We know the name of the perpetrator, but it will not be reprinted so that his actions are not glorified. He was a specialist. We know that this Gun Free Zone had inadequate security as an armed response took minutes to reach the base.

It is also known that the perpetrator had a documented medical history of mental illness and instability. The United States Military knew this.

Imminent Anti-Gun Garbage
This tragedy will be taken advantage of by unconstitutionalists who seek to erradicate our Bill of Rights. I can guarantee you they will use this as ammunition (no pun intended). This is there calling card: taking advantage of a 'good tragedy' and not letting it 'go to waste' (Rahm Emanuel). This situation occurred on a military facility inside of a gun free zone. This is a military affair- and will be blown up as such so that a twisted, rotten message will be used to advocate civilian disarmament.

Steps to Be Taken; Who Is At Fault
The military needs to begin reviewing its policies banning service members from carrying firearms on premises. While the shooter is to blame for his actions, the US Government is absolutely complicit in setting up a killing field inside chain-link fences. Had another person been armed on the general quarters person of the base- that would have added one more person in factoring the chance the perpetrator could have been stopped before he killed more innocent people.

The US Government is complicit in many things- corruption, greed, malice and tyrannical activities- and it has a policy of protecting an outdated, and clearly ineffective rule that prevents our service people from protecting themselves. There may be one domestic or foreign terrorist inside the base, but there is a deterrent in having armed, well meaning people who will defend their countrymen's lives (and countrywomen, too).

Preventative Measures?
There is only one preventative measure that can be taken to prevent future tragedies, or at least decrease the chance to near nill: that is the lockup of all firearms and complete civilian disarmament. These measures are illegal, and thus we return to the question. Additional security and a change in policy will result in a much more secure base. I won't say the US government isn't doing anything to mitigate these attacks, but one thing is for certain: they are complicit in setting up gun free zones.

I have said it time and time again. Mass shooters choose gun free zones to commit their carnage because they know there will be no resistance. When a female soldier engaged the perpetrator with a weapon, he turned the handgun on himself and committed suicide. His fantasy bubble had been popped. 

4/3/2014 update- the very same day that the attack occurred, Mayors Against Guns released a statement twisting the tragedy in the direction of gun control. 

“We don’t know all the details, but days like this remind us that killers with illegal guns murder 33 more people every day across America,” Glaze continued.  ”This March marked the first month in 11 years with no military fatalities in Iraq or Afghanistan. And yet we start the spring with military fatalities on our own home front.”


Update #2- the Los Angeles Times has implicitly endorsed an anti-gun article using the tragedy to push for gun bans and eventual confiscation; using a vitrolic 'I don't care about what happened' attitude. (Paul Whitefield was the contributing author). LA Times has not distanced itself from this opinion- it is complicit. It is pure vitrolic garbage.


Update #3- Anti-gun politicians in (specifically Harry Reid- (D) Nevada) Washington  DC are calling for more gun control in the wake of the terrorist act. They somehow think that by punishing law abiding citizens with universal registration that it would have prevented the military base shooting.


Update #4- The White House continues to reiterate its push for gun control, universal registration and eventual confiscation. Politicians fail to realize two things: criminals will get their guns illegally, and the perpetrator passed the background check to get his firearm (allegedly).


Update #5-   Kudos to CNN, another anti-gun outlet; for presenting an OP-ED that is neutral in tone that addresses mental health concerns among the military and civilians. Unfortunately it is stated that CNN does not endorse the opinion. 


Update #6- Someone commented on a Washington Post article that the Department of Defense, under direction of George H.W. Bush, instituted gun free zones on military bases during his presidential administration.

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