April 28, 2014

Leaving the National Rifle Association

I’ve given it some thought from the other day. I never thought an NRA convention would lead me to make a decision like this. For personal reasons which I will briefly elaborate on, I am deciding to renounce my membership and association with the National Rifle Association. There are a few, key reasons as to why I am making this decision.

 I feel disenfranchised by the organization. This does not mean that I am open to joining anti-gun groups. They can all go suck on a tank of helium and leave our atmosphere. The first beef I had with the NRA this week is when Chris Cox mentioned forcing ‘God’ back into US public schools. This leads into my ultimate beef with the NRA in that there vision for ‘liberty and freedoms for all’ is nothing more than a restoration of Reagan era values where there is no Separation of Church and state.

This ultimate beef leads into another beef; giving Rick Santorum a microphone so that he can spew garbage. I won’t elaborate what he is on this channel, but I will say what he is not- genuine, or a constitutionalist. I don’t want to be associated with Santorum, and that decision alone forced my debate on leaving the NRA. I can tolerate Palin speaking at the convention. Then this morning, I heard her say ‘waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists’.

I’m not politically correct, but what she is insinuating is inflammatory rhetoric and off putting to those that aren’t ultra conservative, ultra evangelical. The NRA has considerable pull in Congress Washington. Their vision of protecting the 2nd amendment and self-defense rights is correctly on the mark. However, their vision for a utopian Reagan era return which will lead to biblical, martial law is about as offensive to me as a utopia of no guns, unicorns, rainbows and communism.

With individuals like Santorum who wish to return to Biblical martial law in this country combined with a hate for the rights of LGBT leads me to my decision to denounce him, and the NRA for associating with him. I won’t be associated with such an organization any longer.

As for voting out anti-gun politicians? oh you bet.

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